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Clean Diapers for Utah Families in Need

Our Mission

At the Utah Diaper Bank, our purpose is to raise awareness of diaper needs in Utah, create diaper distribution networks and partnerships, and provide diapers to community service partners and families in need throughout the state.


What a Blast!


Yesterday’s duck race seemed to be fun for all; from the duck launchers to our duck herders in the kayaks. Thank you all that participated! The weather cooperated with a perfect day not too hot nor to cold. we've added a duck race photo page go to it to see some selected shots. These photos were taken by Robin Pendergrast who volunteered his services.  Thank you Robin!

Home Keeps on Giving

Donations continue to in from HomeAid members.  This week they released a video of their 2021 diaper drive.  Take a look at over 300,000 diapers being donated

HomeAid Video


Utah Diaper Bank is a proud member


 Help build and operate the diaper bank. We need volunteers of all types to help maintain our growth.


With your donations of money and diapers we can continue to provide diapers to those in need


We distribute diapers to numerous community service organizations across the state.