Organize a Diaper Drive

How you can help bring diapers to Utah families in need:

Organize a diaper drive at your church, business, or social organization. A list of ideas and sample documents available for download are at the bottom of this page. We also have banners and collections bins available for loan if needed.

There's no right or wrong way to have a diaper drive. Every little bit helps, so anything that's geared to collect any amount of diapers is a great idea! No matter the how, when or where, please let us know that you're interested in running a Drive and what we can do to help. We'll list your diaper drive on our website.


Some sample flyers and signs are listed here that can help with your publicity and we will be happy to pick up the diapers at the end of your drive (contact us at Just remember sometimes just making an announcement and putting up a few flyers is all you need to do to run a diaper drive

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Click and download these documents to organize your own diaper drive!

101 Diaper Drive Ideas!


1. Get your place of work involved.

2. Get your faith based organization involved.

3. Get your school involved.

4. Get your club involved.

5. Get your neighborhood involved.

6. Get your civic group involved.

7. Get a nonprofit t involved.

8. Get your friends and family involved (throw a party).

9. In lieu of gifts or favors for weddings, birthdays, and baby showers ask for diapers for the Diaper Bank. GAIN



10. Teams and committees have more fun, and it will be helpful if you have someone to toss ideas around with. Ask for help.

11. Create a team based on those who show up to work early on a pre-determined day.

12. Offer your team members incentives for helping with the drive.

13.Suggest your team view or to learn more about the national diaper shortage.

14. Invite the Diaper Bank to come and talk to your agency about how your drive will impact the community.

15. Provide diaper discount coupons to everyone (available online regularly).

16. Let your employees know by including a “diaper drive” flyer with their paycheck.

17. Send out local sale notices for diapers

Click and download this PDF to see all 101 ideas!